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Results from Funding for lending Scheme

5. October 2015

The Bank of England released Funding for Lending Scheme numbers for Q2 2015 in early September.

Bit of a mixed bag, but net  Lending by FLS participants to SMEs climbed by £490m in Q2, compared to £0.6bn in the previous quarter.

The Bank of England has indicated that the continued improvement in net FLS lending to SMEs reflects a “loosening” in credit conditions for SMEs during Q2. The Bank points to the Federation of Small Businesses’ Voice of Small Business Index – which identified an uptick in credit availability during Q2 – as evidence. Respondents to the Bank’s recent Credit Conditions Survey stated that both credit spreads and fees and commissions on lending to medium sized companies have dipped significantly in Q2, but that such numbers were largely unchanged for small business lending.


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