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Ratesetter continues to expand into Business Lending

24. November 2015

some more data from ALtFi-

 RateSetter published an update in December 2014 which revealed that 16.6% of its outstanding loans were to businesses (of which exactly half were secured property loans). In other words the platform had roughly £44m in outstanding business loans at that time.

So what has happened in the last 9 months to September 2015?  That 16.6% has now climbed to 40% of a much larger total, broken down into £137mn of “commercial” loans and £43mn of “property” loans.

Total open book now stands at £448.9mn with £410mn (91%) of this "invested" by individuals and £27mn (6%) from Business, Schools and Charities.

So if the Banks really are back in the game- how do the Platforms keep growing?

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