Independent Funding Reviews

Kinetic Business Advice is able to draw on over 25 years Banking and Asset Based Finance experience to the SME market.

We have been principle lenders, run credit risk departments for major Banks, acted as both "wholesalers" and "retailers" of SME funding as well as brokers to the market and borrowers ourselves. As such we have unparalleled experience of all sides of the transaction and understand the stress points involved.

With a track record of finding solutions that generate additional cash flow, our work has included projects initiated from funders, intermediaries and through direct contact with individual businesses.

Kinetic is able to act for:

Banks and Asset Based Lenders

Our advice is sought either when further advances are being considered or an independent review is required on the current exposure and its serviceability.

We will undertake in depth reviews of the risk inherent in the current advance, considering risk of failure as well as risk of loss, along with the appropriateness of cross sales and further exposure or manage away to an alternative funder.

Accountants and Financial Intermediaries

Working closely with professional advisers we bring an in depth knowledge of the funding environment to the equation, enabling the advisors own assessments to carry additional weight and value to clients.

We can also undertake desktop reviews of the advisors own portfolios to determine their exposure to certain sectors and their clients risk of failure, or we can be appointed on a more detailed case by case basis.


Working directly for the client we will look at your current funders' appetite and approach to risk as well as alternatives in the market.

Ways to improve their perception of you as a client and therefore increase your chances of obtaining further advances or reducing costs will be reviewed. Additional modules to aid cash and profit generation and de-risk your business are available.

Our comprehensive service also includes, where required, negotiating the terms and pricing details with a funder.

What is in such a review?

Depending on the size of the business, we would typically spend a minimum of one day on site understanding and interrogating the key working capital drivers within the business.

This is followed, within 72 hours, by a formal report and detailed recommendations.

An Independent Funding Review would generally include an assessment of:

  • current trading and financial position
  • profit and cashflow projections
  • the working capital cycle
  • Cost, type and suitability of the current funding and options
  • sensitivity analysis
  • management and systems
  • funder security cover; and
  • the way forward and recommendations for the business.