Although closely aligned disciplines Consulting & Mentoring approach business issues from different viewpoints and Kinetic Advisors are highly experienced in delivering solutions using both skill sets to help your business.

We believe that the two can best be understood as below:

Consulting- a consultant is an expert who is called on for professional or technical advice or opinions. They are relied on to understand the problem and present solutions.

Mentoring- a mentor is a wise and trusted guide and advisor. The mentor is the teacher that shares their experience while bringing the "mentee" up the ranks

Kinetic Consulting

To maximize the productivity and efficiency of any business, be it a new startup or an established company, whether in an "old" or evolving industry. Hi -Tech or Low-Tech, it is essential to have access to the right information, knowledge, and assistance and Kinetic consulting services can be used by both small and large operations to help you prosper even during a weak economic climate.

Our consultancy focuses on delivering real world benefits to the business and the techniques are proven, measurable and provide for rapid changes.

We always deliver quantifiable improvement in profitability, cash generation and product development.

At Kinetic we bring over 25 years of real world experience to help make your business more profitable, increase sales, and control your finances and financial needs.

In running your own company, you may have only ever had access to one business, at Kinetic we had helped and advised in excess of 500 companies. This type of experience cannot be gained in a class room, only by being out working with and understanding what a business and its management team need and face daily can a consultant really help.

Knowing how and when to make crucial decisions is not always easy, Kinetic experts understand what it takes to help make all companies succeed and being able to leverage this expertise when making important decisions can help in ensuring competition is dominated and progress is constant.

Minimizing risk is vital and it is essential to have in place a well thought out strategy. Most business owners are not able to dedicate the required amount of time to understand how to create such a plan, by getting to know you and your business we can provide the framework protect you from the vagaries of the economy.

Kinetic Consultancy is principally interested in one thing, improving and protecting your bottom line so that you can see a marked increase in profits.

Contact us now to see how we can help on 01435 874700.

Kinetic Mentoring

The key benefits of having a mentor in your business

Experience: Learning from the experience and mistakes of more experienced business owners.

Guidance: Having a mentor guide you through achieving the objectives of your business, both short and long term.

Contacts: Leveraging off their contacts to help open new doors for your business.

Accountability: Mentors make sure that the goals and objectives that have been set in your business are achieved.

The mentoring packages that Kinetic provide are very structured and aligned to businesses at different levels.

We tailor your mentoring requirements around the challenges your business is facing and the help you require.

Regardless of the size of your business the 3 pillars that all business owners need to have strong hold of is, its sales, its finance and its operations.

Maintaining a strong gross margin after taking into consideration all 3 pillars is what will continue to give your business the opportunity to grow. The higher the margin, the more capital you have to reinvest into the business to increase sales, manage operations and finance and continue to increase the number of happy customers.

It is then when you have a good margin business with a large number of happy customers that your brand begins to become valuable.

In your initial session with your mentor, it needs to be clearly outlined as to the areas of your business that you require help with. Based on the challenges that you currently face, your mentor will explain how to overcome those challenges, then set objectives and time frames to overcome those challenges. You then work together over that time frame to achieve it.

Mentoring is a very personal business and having the right mentor on board is absolutely vital. So please do contact us now on 01435 874700 for help in finding the best mentor for your business.

Whatever service you feel is best for your circumstances they have this in common:

  • We promise to keep costs to a minimum and we guarantee that through implementing advice given by Kinetic advisers, there will be a positive impact on profitability.
  • We are proud of consistently giving a many fold return on the cost of our service through increasing gross margin, cash flow and reducing costs and risks.

So how long will it take to improve the business performance?

  • The time it will take to transform your business will be up to you, and the industry in which you operate, and the clients and relationships that you have- every business is unique, for some clients it can take just a few days for others several months to embed new practices, but our aim is that within 90 days you will be experiencing real bottom line benefits, we want a relationship based on mutual trust that lasts for as long as it benefits you.

I know my business could benefit from your services but how much will Kinetic advice cost?

  • The cost of our service is usually paid for by the extra profit generated by the improvements we bring about. Our involvement is completely flexible so you keep costs directly under the businesses control - assistance is provided on a regular or occasional basis, in person or by telephone, as much or as little as needed to bring about the business performance improvement required.

You mention a Guarantee - how can I be sure the advice you give will work?

  • The tools and techniques used are proven to work every time. Our advisers are so experienced that we can guarantee what we do. The minute a client feels that we don't add value and you don't feel there has been a benefit from the service, then quite simply we won't charge and we will credit back the previous months work.

Why are we offering such a powerful guarantee?

  • We want you to be reassured that the Kinetic Business Solutions really work.
  • We want to work with you to improve your business.
  • All our business comes from recommendations, and we want you to be so impressed by the way the techniques improved your business performance that you will want to refer us to others that could benefit.