Access to Finance

Choosing the right finance partner to work with you is vital and Kinetic are experts in sourcing all forms of finance for business clients.

By working in partnership with you Kinetic Business Advice gives you access to the complete financing environment and ensures you get the right finance at the right time and at the right price on all types of funding- not just what others may want to sell you.

We have excellent relationships with High Street Banks, Asset Based Lenders, Venture Capitalists, Business Angel and investment communities, both on a local and national level.

Our services may be engaged for financing a specific project or as part of a larger strategic review. Such reviews have enabled our clients to obtain funding where others have failed as a financier can be confident that our involvement reduces their risk and increases the success of a business, enabling finance to not only be obtained but also on improved terms.

So if business finance is needed either within or outside the traditional facilities offered by the banks then we can help- Below are just some of the funding services we can access for you.

Invoice Finance.

As an invoice finance (factoring and invoice discounting) broker, we can help help you find the right funding package to match the needs of your business.

We have established relationships with Bank owned and Independent factoring and invoice discounting providers.

Having experience in running our own invoice finance company, advancing £60mn to UK SME's, we know the market and what you need, not what you may be sold by others. We visit your business and take the time to get to understand the business and then find the right finance solution that matches your requirements.


  • Factoring
  • Invoice Discounting
  • Spot Factoring (single debtor finance)

Asset Finance

Providing competitive funding solutions which are sourced from a wide panel of financial institutions we are able to finance just about any asset that is deemed movable, saleable and identifiable.


  • Equipment
  • Cars & commercial vehicles, minibuses, coaches & fork lift trucks
  • Aircraft & boats
  • Plant & machinery
  • Printing equipment, office equipment, catering equipment & refrigeration
  • Telecoms, E.P.O.S., IT - hardware & software

Trade Finance

This form of finance provides funding to enable you to pay your suppliers for the purchase of finished goods, prior to receipt of the income from the associated sales and generally (but not always) requires irrevocable customer orders from well rated businesses.


We have been able to fund

  • The import of finished goods for retail stock
  • The purchase of finished goods against firm customer orders

Stock Finance

Stock finance provides an ideal cash flow solution for businesses with surplus stock by releasing capital against inventory that would otherwise be tied up as raw materials, work in progress or finished goods.

Through stock finance, a lender purchases stock from you at a discount following a third party stock valuation to establish its true value. You then provide the funder with weekly or monthly stock listings before agreeing on future levels of funding.


With access to leading sources of venture capital and business angel investment for growing SME businesses in the UK and a founding member of an investment network, our contacts with Business Angels, High Net Worth private investors and secured lenders are second to none.

We understand that growing businesses need finance but also help if they are to reach their potential and they need this without fuss, with maximum discretion and at a reasonable cost.


  • Business Angels
  • Venture Capital & Private Equity

Commercial Mortgages

With access to a national network of funders, we specialise in commercial mortgages and commercial remortgages for companies buying their premises and for commercial investors. We are also able to offer property development finance for both commercial and residential property.


We have extensive experience in assisting businesses in moving to another Bank, either at their own request, or because they find the relationship is breaking down and the Bank no longer wishes to advance funds or have them as a client.

With excellent relationships with all of the major clearers in the UK, not only at a high level, but also, just as importantly for you, at a local level, we can introduce you to the right people to look after you.

Whether you need traditional Bank lending, help reducing your charges or preparing business plans, Kinetic has the experience to help you in all your dealings with your current or potential Bank.