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23. January 2017

As you will have noticed, updates on this page have been few and far between. The reason? Well I provide rolling Fintech news on our homepage and get a better reach for blog and news updates using Linkedin and Twitter, making this page somewhat redundant other than for improving google rankings.

Our work however comes principally from recommendations and as such a bells and whistles website have never been essential to us and we are happy to keep it that way. 

This page will therefore not be updated in  the future..

So if you would like to see more regularly what we are up to please follow me on Twitter @themarkoneil or join me on Linkedin @

Global regulators to probe fintech threats to financial stability

29. February 2016

interesting article touching on the possible upcoming wider regulation of fintech- though I think the UK is in a pretty good shape here.

Nemo closed to new lending

10. February 2016

Nemo Personal Finance (secured loan provider), and established since 2005 today announced it is closed to new lending.

A victim of P2P and AltFi? or just general changing economic conditions and regulation?

Thoughts on Instant payments

8. February 2016

Interesting video  clip available at the link below from FinExtra , highlighting the issues and opportunities in instant payment technologies.

Uber using new Visa offers network

1. February 2016

Uber is among the first firms to take advantage of a new Visa platform designed to help merchants team up to deliver offers to cardholders online and through apps.

The Visa Commerce Network works by connecting transactions between two merchants, meaning that a hotel can provide its customers with offers from local restaurants and, with cardholder consent, track engagement and issue rewards.

See Full story here:

Ratesetter continues to expand into Business Lending

24. November 2015

some more data from ALtFi-

 RateSetter published an update in December 2014 which revealed that 16.6% of its outstanding loans were to businesses (of which exactly half were secured property loans). In other words the platform had roughly £44m in outstanding business loans at that time.

So what has happened in the last 9 months to September 2015?  That 16.6% has now climbed to 40% of a much larger total, broken down into £137mn of “commercial” loans and £43mn of “property” loans.

Total open book now stands at £448.9mn with £410mn (91%) of this "invested" by individuals and £27mn (6%) from Business, Schools and Charities.

So if the Banks really are back in the game- how do the Platforms keep growing?

The Vikings are coming........oh no they're not

20. October 2015

Excellent article and link for further info below from AltFi news, re the recent TrustBuddy  P2P failure.

Following on from the recent high numbers of potential new P2P platforms withdrawing from gaining FCA approval, makes as ever for interesting times in this fast evolving  market.

1MN companies now registered in London

13. October 2015

1,000,000 companies now registered in London!

This year there have been 150,564 new companies formed and 89,682 companies dissolved, pushing the total number from 946,709 at the end of 2014 to the million mark.

Hackney has seen 14,475 registered in this year alone and Camden 13,454 - See more at:




Results from Funding for lending Scheme

5. October 2015

The Bank of England released Funding for Lending Scheme numbers for Q2 2015 in early September.

Bit of a mixed bag, but net  Lending by FLS participants to SMEs climbed by £490m in Q2, compared to £0.6bn in the previous quarter.

The Bank of England has indicated that the continued improvement in net FLS lending to SMEs reflects a “loosening” in credit conditions for SMEs during Q2. The Bank points to the Federation of Small Businesses’ Voice of Small Business Index – which identified an uptick in credit availability during Q2 – as evidence. Respondents to the Bank’s recent Credit Conditions Survey stated that both credit spreads and fees and commissions on lending to medium sized companies have dipped significantly in Q2, but that such numbers were largely unchanged for small business lending.


No Rise for the Moment

21. September 2015

In the UK, the FTSE 100 Index fell 1.3% on Friday, as mining and energy stocks mirrored the Fed’s growth concerns, leaving it 0.2% down over the week. Average earnings in the three months to July rose at their fastest rate for six years. Consumer price inflation fell back to zero in August, from 0.1% the month before. This was in line with the consensus forecast and was helped by a fall in petrol prices. Core inflation, which leaves out volatile food and energy prices, also fell, from July’s 1.2% to 1%.

Economists say the Consumer Prices Index will hover close to zero for most of the rest of the year, and could even fall back into negative territory. “With productivity finally picking up and keeping unit wage costs subdued, inflation will still take a long time to return to its target,” said Vicky Redwood of Capital Economics. “Accordingly, the [Bank of England’s] Monetary Policy Committee can take its time with the first interest rate rise.” Citigroup economists pushed back their forecast for a UK rate rise from the first half of 2016 to the last three months of the year.